alfa Contact Center

The product of Alfavox Sp. z o.o. is an effective tool for comprehensive and intelligent handling of telephone traffic in a company. This solution provides a fully featured customer service support system facilitating different communication channels, different modes of operation, inbound and outbound channel and mixed options service, as well as a full set of features and tools to manage the platform. Alfa Contact Center can be fully integrated with all the systems of Ebicom.

Outbound Mode, comprising all used connection modes, is one of the strengths of the alfa Contact Center platform. With the modern and intuitive conversations scripter, it is a powerful tool for our customers.

The system has additional modules extending its functionalities by handling e-mail, chat, video, web, SMS channels and fax within the framework of universal queue. The solution enables a wide range of integration with external systems through shared programming interfaces, collaboration with various telecommunication central offices/CC systems based on CTI link, or implementation in one-box technology as an independent, fully-functional platform. A comprehensive functional range of the system corresponds with the solutions of world leaders in the field of call center systems, surpassing them in many ways through innovation giving our customers market advantage.

Alfa Contact Center platform - along with the above-mentioned functionalities supplemented by the advanced IVR tool, reporting module, conversations recording enriched with QM tools and the analytical module - is an interesting proposition for any company caring about the highest quality of contact with the customer and expecting innovative, effective and stable solutions, with a guaranteed service at a high level and the full support of the solution's producer - the Alfavox company.

The latest module in the Alfavox offer is the alfa Video Contact Center solution enabling the implementation of advanced Virtual Departments used in customer service in a very wide range of applications in various areas of activity, while maintaining a high level of safety.

The alfa Contact Center solution can be enriched with an advanced Work Force Management-type system meeting the requirements of Polish labor law.