Electronic Time Management

Electronic Time Management (E-TM) – an application dedicated to companies from a broadly defined outsourcing sector, especially Shared Services. The main purpose of this system is to control and analyze activities undertaken for individual customers of services in order to settle the real time of providing services. The system is an analytical tool, especially efficient with the reorganization of subjects/entities and the optimization of processes.

E-TM is a solution that allows you to collect information about the time of completing tasks by company employees. The system provides a few registration mechanisms optimized for various forms of activities. Moreover, thanks to the cataloging of activities types and grouping mechanisms, every employee receives simple access to their fragment of the tasks catalogue. A great emphasis was put on the minimization of workload resulting from the necessity of tasks registration. Through defining many roles of workers an employee can change the character of activities and register his tasks in a way dedicated to a particular role. The registration of work resulting from replacements is carried out in a similar manner. Besides information about working time, additional data e.g. on documents served for a given activity can be collected or additional information about the customer can be entered.

E-TM allows you to register time regarding both operational and non-operational time, which is crucial if employees will have a working time standard assigned to them for a given day. Recording working time can be executed with consideration of the difference between regular working time, paid overtime and accrued overtime hours to be claimed with an option of getting them approved by supervisor. The system also cooperates with external personnel modules and can acquire information about employees’ absence.

E-TM is primarily a controlling system. Every type of activity can be divided into controlling objects such as MPK or PSP together with defining a service provider, which is especially important in case of specific types of activities carried out simultaneously for several service providers (e.g. master agreements). This way divided costs are subsequently aggregated and sent to financial-accounting systems in order to settle the cost of work per quota. On the next levels of aggregation you can see how much time is spent on a single assigned task by the individual organization units of a company or a whole company. Such method of data registration allows you to conduct „bottom up” type analyses.

E-TM has a developed administrative module which allows it users to define activities based on the predefined catalogues names of activities and costs distribution. The activities created can be grouped and additionally profiled in order to facilitate managing them.

E-TM was created with the use of new web technologies, which makes it possible to be available to both employees inside a company and related or partner companies. Through the implementation of two bases – operational and analytical – the activities registration operations were separated from the settlement and reporting processes. Thanks to this solution the time needed to carry out analyses was minimized and, at the same time, operational employees can freely register their activities at any time.