Enterprise – Sales and Customer
Care Management E-SCCM

Enterprise Sales and Customer Care Management system (E-SCCM) was designed for the changing energy market and its sales processes. Energy companies sell more and more non-tariff products through various sales channels, which results in the need for tools to manage the increasingly complex sales processes.

The E-SCCM system is an Enterprise-class solution to support sales processes and customer service for large companies in the energy sector. It consists of:

Description of functionality

Our main goal was to build a system that would see a client in a consistent manner, map the structure and handle all client-related events in the area of sales and after-sales (maintenance) processes. We have managed to prepare such a solution based on our past experience and the use of modern database, analytical technologies, and light user interface. The entire E-SCCM system can function as a uniform solution as well as separately operating modules. The way of using individual elements depends on the requirements and activity specifics of a given client. It is one of the few systems in the Polish market supporting the activities carried out by the energy trading companies in such a comprehensive manner.


CRM-class system equipped with the central client base allows you to record any events associated with clients and coordinate the sales and client maintenance processes. It has advanced features of preparing products for retailers, as well as a multi-stage model of approving offers. It enables flexible defining the organizational structure of a company and management of documents collected in the context of a given client. The system is adapted to the specifics of the Polish energy market.



It is a system for sales management through different channels, from indirect sales, through the sales call centers, to the internal sales offices. It has also been adapted to work with Internet sales systems. It enables monitoring of sales targets allocated to the individual channels and companies participating in them, accounting for sales made, and it also actively supports conducting the sales processes, from adding a client, through making an offer, to signing a contract and transferring data to the TPA module.



E-Switching module is a solution that provides comprehensive control over the whole process of TPA carried out by the trading companies. E-Switching supports users in different stages of the switching process, starting with data verification, through the automatic generation of documents for different distributors, to the supervision of replies sent by energy companies and the transfer of data to the billing systems. We were the first in Poland to deliver such system to clients.



E-BOK (Electronic Customer Service) is a system through which clients of the energy companies gain a new channel of communication with energy suppliers. In addition to the standard features of presenting the consumption, the amount of bills, payments, this system also enables interaction in the area of expiring contract, transferring offers, promotional campaigns and information about the stage in the process of TPA. As the only system in Poland, E-BOK presents data for business clients comprehensively for a given NIP (VAT Identification Number).



Management Dashboards is an entire module responsible for analyzing and reporting. It was built on the basis of data warehouse tools, Microsoft Analysis Services and Microsoft Reporting Services. These technologies allow you to look at the data in multiple dimensions, make their analyses a source of many interesting information for users about conducted businesses.