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What is

Wibeee is a solution that will help you zmierzyć zużycie energii, oraz istotych parametrów sieci elektrycznej w każdej instalacji domowej i/lub przemysłowej.

Wibeee - ready-to-use HEMS system for supervision and optimization of energy consumption.

Wibeee consists of:

  • Plug & Play devices that combine 2 devices in 1 (measurement and communication, connectivity Wi-Fi or NB-IoT in one device),
  • mobile application available on iOS / Android,
  • a cloud platform where you can find data from the last 2 years and from which you can use a web browser or application.
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Who is Wibeee for?

Wibeee is suitable for all types of customers, both for apartments, houses, offices and industrial plants.

Why is Wibeee so special?

It uses artificial intelligence to disaggregate energy consumption for networked devices electricity. It measures overall energy consumption and, thanks to an algorithm, identifies electrical patterns household appliances or companies. This allows you to know your consumption profile and influence to change it for better energy management.

More detailed information can be found on the manufacturer's website in English

To see how Wibeee works, click the "DEMO" button on the page

Explore Wibeee products


Wibeee ONE

Wibeee one is a compact device for measuring the electrical network at home or in the office.

Read, store and manage electrical parameters whenever the device is connected to WiFi.

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Wibeee BOX

Wibeee Box is a versatile device for measuring electrical network parameters for single and three-phase networks.

Who is Wibeee BOX for?

This solution is designed for the household and small business segment.

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Wibeee MAX

Wibeee Max is a versatile measuring device with high precision. Designed to measure three-phase lines for medium and high currents. Connected to the cloud via the Wibeee platform, it allows you to analyze the measured values.

Who is Wibeee MAX for?

It is a solution for measuring the parameters of electrical networks in industrial plants, commercial buildings and offices. The device can be adapted to measure currents up to 10 kA.

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Wibeee PLUG

Wibeee Plug is a smart electric socket from the Wibeee family. It is used to measure energy consumption and allows to remotely manage the operation of devices powered from this place.

What does Wibeee Plug give you?

In addition to measuring network parameters, it allows you to build a work schedule for the connected devices.

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