Wibeee - ready-to-use HEMS system for supervision and optimization of energy consumption.

Wibeee PLUG

Wibeee Plug is a smart electric socket from the Wibeee family. It is used to measure energy consumption and allows to remotely manage the operation of devices powered from this place.

What does Wibeee Plug give you?

In addition to measuring network parameters, it allows you to build a work schedule for the connected devices. In addition, it allows to configure alarms sent to the user in the event of non-standard or undesirable events (e.g. too high consumption or lack thereof).

Dlaczego Wibeee Plug?

Thanks to this device, in combination with other devices from the Wibeee family, you can in one place:
- integrate data about the parameters of the entire electrical network
- manage the work of selected devices
- know your consumption profile and change it to increase savings
- actively respond to situations inconsistent with this profile

Wibeee Plug can stand alone without the need to integrate with other devices.

Current and historical data from the entire Wibeee family are available in the free app (iOS / Android) or on the internet platform .