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IRIS Multi Energy System

An innovative system dedicated to companies engaged in the sale of electricity and gas. A complex solution supporting the full customer lifecycle, from client acquisition, through the TPA process, the completion of financial settlements, after-sales service, to contract renewals or extensions. This process is executed through two key modules: CRM and Billing. This solution is equipped in the online customer service which ensures easy contact between client and seller. IRIS system can be implemented through a cloud-based module or as an OnPremise solution.

ChatBot - EbiBot

A new way of communication with the customer, offering a wide range of possibilities, showing the innovativeness of your company and indicating the pace of development of your company. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, holding a conversation with unlimited number of users at the same time, relieving your Call Center. It answers the most frequently asked questions, builds a positive image of the company and at the same time collects information about customer needs. Based on this information, you can make business decisions that are important for your company. Arousing positive feelings of your customers, EbiBot builds trust and allows you to stay ahead of the competition.

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