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Latest digital solutions for energy industry

Do you want to optimise your company's processes and increase its efficiency? Our integrated CRM and Billing solution will take your business to the next level of the digital world!

Intuitive automation of the entire sales process

Reach out through various channels to customers interested in buying energy and gas. Convince them by creating dedicated marketing campaigns, sign contracts electronically and automate many other processes.

All settlements and payments in one place

Downloading metering data, bulk billing of customers, electronic receipt of payments and full control over debt collection processes has never been so easy!

A new generation of customer service

Use modern communication systems to stay in touch with your customers. Mobile apps, chatbots and chats will help you efficiently respond to queries and issues raised, and this is sure to result in a satisfied customers.

Take your analyses and reports to the next level

Applying Power BI tools will enable dynamic reporting and holistic analytical processes for your business. Thanks to them, you can also prepare the necessary reports for the tax, customs or energy and gas regulatory authorities.


IRIS CRM & Biling

The best in its category and best suited to your needs solution for comprehensive customer service. From now on you can control the entire sales process in one place! Give your customers the highest quality care and provide an individual approach to each of them. Find out how else IRIS will help you grow your business.


Crocus CRM – sales assistant

A comprehensive energy and gas sales system designed to be easy and fun to use! It systematises work in different channels: e-commerce, call centres and direct sales. Try it out and see how automating your sales processes can ultimately help you increase margins on the products you sell.


EbiBot - a modern assistant

Effective and fast communication with customers is essential! Use our modern way, which you can program to automatically answer the most frequently asked questions. Do you want to see how EbiBot will quickly improve work in your company and help you in everyday conversation with customers?


Energy Commerce

A tool perfectly adapted to the needs of the energy market! It supports online sales by enabling, among others, the efficient and seamless signing of contracts electronically. From now on, launching new sales channels or renewing contracts no longer has to generate additional costs.


Energy Analysis

Do you want to know who and what products to sell, what your customers' debts are, or how much energy they consume? Thanks to a unified database, you now have all this information in one place! This is the essence of all the previous modules. Launch advanced data analytics today and plan ahead with ease.



Chcesz mierzyć zużycie energii oraz istotnych parametrów sieci elekrycznej i zaoszczędzić na zużyciu energii? Wibeee to gotowy system HEMS do nadzoru i optymalizacji zużycia energii. Jeden miernik pozwala śledzić zużycie i koszty z podziałem na wszystkie urządzenia w mieszkaniu. Posiada prostą instalacja plug & play z dostępem do dedykowanej aplikacji. Dzięki Wibeee możesz zarządzać kosztami ponoszonymi na energię elektryczną.

Our customers about EBICOM products

Axpo Polska – Jakub Jadziewicz, Member of the Management Board
EBICOM's IRIS system is a complete solution tailor-made not only for our company but also for the Customers we serve."
Enefit – Maciej Kowalski, Managing Director
With the company growing at such a high rate, tools that automate and support sales processes are essential to achieve the expected results. IRIS Multi Energy System is just such a tool.
Handen – Ireneusz Sawicki, Member of the Management Board
As we moved more heavily into end-customer media sales, we listened to our business partners who recommended EBICOM's solution.