Meet IRIS CRM & Biling

IRIS CRM & Billing is a comprehensive CRM and Billing system for sales and billing of electricity or gas. IRIS streamlines the process at every stage - from customer acquisition, through quoting and contracting, to subsequent settlement.

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How can IRIS help you?

The IRIS system is full of useful features that make sales cycle really effective.

Roles and benefits


Reservation of Customers Book customers easily and quickly

Offers and contracts Create and complete documentation directly in the system

Document templates Use convenient document templates

Relationship management Seamlessly manage customer relationships


Creation of campaigns Plan and execute effective marketing campaigns

Sending e-mails and SMS messages Automate newsletter and SMS distribution to customers

Online contracting Sign contracts with customers online: in EBOK or on the e-commerce site

Tracking of results Monitor the results of your marketing activities: KPI and ROI

Back office

Automation of ZS Benefit from automatic supplier switching

Automatic OSD readings Automatically download the necessary data from OSD

Mass billing Conduct group billing and automatically generate invoices

Debt collection Recover outstanding debts with debt collection tools

Customer service

Notifications Handle notifications from your customers

Annexes and assignments Intuitively draw up and fill in annexes and assignments

Tasks Create and easily manage tasks

Contact Stay in touch with your customers



Perform all tasks in one system



Save time by automating most processes


Ease of operation

All information and commands are clear and intuitive



Enjoy a clear and understandable look of the IRIS system


Enhanced analytics

Take advantage of the many data and reports available in IRIS



Be amazed by the accessibility and speed of the system

01. Add customers

Gather all customer data in one place!

Add new customers and reservations to the database of our CRM to conduct sales activities. Keep information about your customers in one place.

02. Create offers and contracts

Fast preparation of offers and contracts for customers!

Use the schemes of finished documents and supplement them with data directly from the system. Automate the bidding process – increase the efficiency of your business and maximize its profits.

03. Automatically Change the Seller

Changing the seller has never been so easy!

See how convenient it is to automatically change the seller. Allow this task to the IRIS system and take care only of the entire procedure.

04. Get data from OSD

Automatically download measurement data from OSD

Forget about manually downloading and adding measurement data from OSD. With IRIS, you will acquire the necessary information automatically. Everything will take less time, plus you will eliminate mistakes.

05. Billing customers en masse

Generate mass bills for customers – save time and money!

Give it to the bilingual system. Instantly generate mass energy or gas bills without having to issue them manually. Save time and do other things.

06. Use Energy Commerce

Get customers online in the marketplace!

Use the Energy Commerce module to prepare offers in electronic channels and in the process of concluding contracts with customers. Automate operations - speed up and simplify procedures.

07. Take care of your customers in eBOK

Explore the new channel for product sales and contract extensions!

eBOK is no longer just a tool for informing customers about invoice amounts or energy and gas consumption. Now you can also sell additional products and extend contracts through it.

08. Collect debts

Use automated recovery processes.

Independently carry out debt collection actions whenever your customers are late or have outstanding payments. Track overdue payments and facilitate their settlement.

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