Meet the virtual assistant that complements our core solutions. With EbiBot, you will improve the quality of customer service and dedicate employees to their repetitive tasks.

Why is it worth making friends with EbiBot?

01. Availability

24/7 support

02. Innovation

Modern communication channels with customers

03. Improving Service

Completely automated customer service

04. Team support

Employee relief

01. Handle voice and text queries

Text and voice customer support!

EbiBot, our virtual assistant, will work 24/7 on your company's website and eBOK. Customers will be able to communicate with it both through text and voice.

02. Use service scenarios

Service communication scenarios!

With EbiBot assistant, your customers can quickly and easily check invoices, make payments, and submit complaint reports.

03. Develop your sales

Effective sales!

EbiBot will present your customer with a sales offer and redirect them to the Commerce channel with additional products.

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Grzegorz Jagodziński

Business Development Manager

TELEFON: +48 799 882 142

E-mail: grzegorz.jagodzinski@ebicom.pl