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Who are we?

We form a close-knit and complete team of IT specialists who have been providing dedicated systems for companies in the energy industry for over 10 years. Our proprietary IRIS system (CRM and Billing) streamlines, automates and supports energy and gas sales and billing processes.

In addition, we provide mobile applications, chatbots, online contracting systems and sales process automation for energy companies and more.



4 mld

valueof sales handled

1,5 mln

Liczba obsługiwanychklientów

How do we work?

In every IT project, we put our customers' needs first - we ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers. Only when we know the specifics of the customer's business and its business objectives do we tailor the best solution for it. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to always be prepared for both standard projects and individual needs. As a result, each of the more than 500 IT projects we have completed to date has been a success.

Tomasz Kurdelski

Business Development Manager

Implementation of each project is based on a solid foundation of trust and thorough understanding of our customers' business needs. In this way, we build lasting business relationships with them, providing solutions that make a real difference to their business and help them systematically achieve their goals.


Business relations

Adrian Pietrowski

Analysis Department Manager

The starting point for the success of any project is the correct collection of requirements and definition of the project scope. This is where we ask the right questions, analyse the status quo in order to come up with the right solutions.

Certifications and team competencies:


Business analysis

Agnieszka Müller/Marek Pawełkiewicz

UI Designer/UX Designer

The next stage is to design the target system based on the latest UX and UI standards. We always look at a project from the point of view of the end user of a given system and design such an interface and experience that the use of the final version of a solution is a pure pleasure for its recipient.

Certifications and team competencies:


Product design

Tomasz Dors

Programming Division Manager

When creating a system or application, regardless of its size, we focus above all on good programming practices, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and the security of applications created. The implemented DevOps standards guarantee that our work is as efficient as possible and optimise project costs.

Certifications and team competencies:



Klaudia Pietrzyk

Testing Department Manager

Inherent element of the software we create is its high quality - mainly thanks to constant control and tests at every stage of its creation. Only after passing all the stringent tests in our Quality Assurance department is the system or application prepared by us ready to be handed over and used by customers.

Certifications and team competencies:


Testowanie oprogramowania